Olive oil – Tuscany’s green gold

Here at Podere il Gioiello Holiday House we are also passionate about olive oil. Our thriving olive trees surround the apartments and embellish the views; but most of all, they are loved and taken good care of because of their olives that produce a delicious extra virgin olive oil.

The olive harvest starts in autumn, when some members of staff plus friends and workers pick the olives for a couple of weeks. Picking the olives becomes almost playful and it’s a good occasion to spend time outdoors even if at the end of the day everybody is fairly tired.

All the olives are first collected into nets beneath the olive trees, then the excess foliage is carefully removed and the olives are placed in specific crates to be carried more easily. They are left on special shelves to ripe and dry, then they’re taken to the olive oil mill, just in front of Podere il Gioiello.

The new olive oil obtained (called ‘olio novo’) is intensely green and its taste is slightly spicy – this is typical of Tuscan olive oil. In order to taste it, you simply need a toasted slice of bread with a pinch of salt and garlic – then pour abundant olive oil on it: this is a Tuscan bruschetta.

Podere il gioiello San Gimignano - olive harvest
Podere il gioiello San Gimignano - olive harvest

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